Ton-Up Garage “Gold Digger” Kawasaki W650

Portuguese Man o' Gold


In most parts of the country, motorcycle riding season is coming to a close, unless you’re in one of these, but that doesn’t prevent us from showing off some awesome custom jobs. To worsen the blow, the Ton-Up Garage “Gold Digger” Kawasaki W650 has already been sold — but hey, we’re still drooling over it, and you can too.

Ton-Up Garage, which is based out of Portugal and aims to build lifestyles rather than just bikes, certainly hit the mark with this one. Starting out as a 2004 Kawasaki W650, the Gold Digger was designed to go between pavement and off-road via a shortened rear subframe, a slimmer tank, upgraded shocks and brakes and a slimmer custom exhaust. But it’s the knobby tires, blackened wheels and great golden-orange paint scheme that gets our blood rushing. We’re just hoping it wasn’t named after a wallet-sucking divorcee.

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