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The Best Motorcycle Jackets You Can Buy

Whether you're commuting to the office or planning a cross-country journey, find the motorcycle jacket you need.

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The one sure thing about riding a motorcycle: you need to be protected from every eventuality, whether that's heat, rain, wind or a possible crash. A jacket will be your second-best friend after a high-quality helmet — so we've pulled together a guide to the best motorcycle jackets on sale to armor you against all of the above.

Our choices for the best motorcycle jackets reflect seasonal thinking (from heat to cold) and versatility. We looked for options with more pockets, manual vents, and when a jacket is armored, we made fit and freedom of movement a priority—because not all armor makes that possible. Even if a jacket on our list doesn't have its own integrated protection, it's built to allow wearing armor underneath, and every piece here is designed to protect you during a slide.

Some of our choices reflect a preference for the one motorcycle jacket you'll keep forever, with all the bells and whistles you'd want for a pan-nation moto adventure, while others are more for grocery-getting or coffee meet-ups. Still, while we prioritized protection, we at Gear Patrol always have an eye on style, too.

What to Look for in a Motorcycle Jacket


The main point of a motorcycle jacket is to protect you. The best motorcycle jackets will have armor at the joints and along the spine to do so. CE Level 2 armor, designed for more high-speed applications, is more protective than CE Level 2 armor. CE Level 1 armor is better than nothing.


They will be more important for a motorcycle jacket than a normal jacket. Cuffs should be secure. Zippers should let you hold your stuff in confidently and be easy to operate with gloves on.


A motorcycle jacket should fit tightly, but not too tightly. You want it tight enough to keep the armor in the proper place and to keep from flapping in the wind. But you still want it loose enough to be able to move. Many jackets will offer stretch panels and be adjustable. You may want slightly longer sleeves than a typical jacket to avoid them riding up while you hold the handlebars.


Leather is the classic choice for a motorcycle jacket. Leather jackets look great. They also provide strong abrasion resistance, durability and comfort once broken in. Textile jackets can be a compelling alternative to leather. They can be specialized to offer features like waterproofing and extra ventilation. They are also cheaper.


A lot of riding happens in warm weather. No one wants to look, feel or smell like they just exited of schvitz after hopping off the bike. Airflow is critical. Leather jackets often have perforation for this purpose. Textile jackets often have mesh paneling.


Even if you’re going for that Darth Vadar look, the best motorcycle jackets will still help riders see you at night, usually with reflective paneling.

The Best Motorcycle Jackets

Note: We have noticed motorcycle jackets coming in and out of stock as manufacturers experience supply chain issues. So please check back often for updates.

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