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This World-Class $100 Skillet Is the Only Pan You Really Need

Frugal home cooks, rejoice – All Clad's long-lasting, chef-favorite stainless steel staple is 50% off.

all clad skillet

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Riding the wave of a Millennial-driven return to cooking, direct-to-consumer cookware is having a moment right now. The brands sell products that teach you how to cook and products that are designed with professional kitchens in mind and products that look damn good on the stove. Some are ceramic, others are cast iron and more still are multifunctional. Still, none challenge All-Clad.

The company that invented cladded cookware in 1967 – the layering of different metals to increase stovetop performance – has spent the last 50-plus years perfecting it for home and professional chefs. Right now, its 12-inch skillet is 50 percent off on Amazon. While its MSRP is listed as $200, it usually hovers around $130, and 24 percent off isn't too shabby.

The 12-inch is truly a workhorse, good for cooking practically anything. It's big enough to sear up a couple steaks, but also apt at handling smaller tasks like a couple fried eggs. And its accompanying lid is always a welcome addition. Considering All-Clad is company known for high prices, $100 for a pan that could outlive you isn't such a bad deal. Make a crispy fried egg for me.

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