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This Is Your Last Chance to Get Holiday Shipping and 20% Off the Best Weed Vape You Can Buy

You can score a discount on the Pax 3, Pax 2 and more — but the shipping cutoff to make it in time is December 16.

pax 3

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Cannabis is becoming decriminalized and legalized in more states with every passing year. Currently, recreational marijuana for adults is legal in 38 states and Washington, D.C. It is becoming more and more prevalent, which is one of the many reasons we did the hard work and put together an extensive buying guide to the best weed vaporizers. Our pick for the best weed vaporizer, the Pax 3 Vaporizer, also just so happens to have been slapped with a 20 percent discount (for both the Basic and Complete Kit). And you don't even need a checkout code to score the deal. However, if you want holiday delivery, you'll have to order before December 16, as that's the cutoff.

Pax 3 Weed Vaporizer

Pax pax.com
$140.00 (30% off)

Of course, this price gets you more than just the device itself — if you do splurge for the Complete Kit option, that is. The kit is $50 off and contains an additional $83 worth of gear and other accessories, including (but not limited to) two mouthpieces, a USB charger, a multi-tool, a maintenance kit and more. And, yes, you still get a vape that can heat up in just 20 seconds, has a 25 percent larger battery than its predecessor model and is minimalist and discreet enough to slip into even the most crowded of pockets. Plus, you can also get a fancy engraved version for $20 more.

PAX 2 Vape Pen

$105.00 (30% off)

But that's not all. The previous generation device, the Pax 2, has also been discounted — dropping its price down to just $120 from $150 in both available colorways. And the Era Pro is also included in the sale. Furthermore, if you spend over $49 (which you will since even the Era hits the $50 mark), you'll also get free shipping. Just remember to order before the holiday shipping cutoff of December 16.


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