It’s Time to Take Your Privacy Seriously

With Cubbit, protecting your data is a no-brainer, and you get 24/7 access to your data, anywhere, anytime.

cubbit cloud storage

Let's face it, your data is low-hanging fruit. Without proper protection, you might as well splash links to your data across the web. That's where Cubbit comes in. It offers peer-to-peer, subscription-free, secure cloud storage that makes your privacy a top priority. Instead of hosting data on remote servers, Cubbit users encrypt it and store it in a network of Cubbit cells. This means that even Cubbit can't access your data — only you can. Plus, if your Cubbit happens to go offline, you can still access your data. Lastly, Cubbit's distributed structure makes it a greener option, too, as it bucks the traditional centralized data centers that are huge energy consumers. If you're serious about the privacy and integrity of your data, Cubbit is a great option. Right now, Gear Patrol readers can take 15 percent off a Cubbit of their own at checkout.

Price: $589 $500 (4TB)


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