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Our Favorite Everyday Cast-Iron Skillet Is on Sale This Week

A super light, longlasting, perfectly smooth and easy-cooking skillet from one of our favorite makers is on sale through the week.


Perhaps the most beautiful thing about buying a cast-iron skillet is the knowledge that you, or whomever you entrust it to, may very well be cooking with it in 100 years. That’s why we get pretty excited when our absolute favorite cast-iron skillet for everyday (and outdoor) use is 20 percent off this week.

The Field Skillet is not a newfangled design and it’s not going to be a showpiece like other more artful pieces, but that’s the whole point. At about the weight of a MacBook Pro (4.5 pounds), the Field Skillet is cast very light for a skillet of its size, and it’s easy-gripping handle doubly ensures your off-hand is always free. Its surface is a pre-seasoned, smoothly sheened, near-perfect non-stick surface that’s fried egg ready out-of-the-box. After testing the skillet thoroughly, the regular price is surprising enough — other new age skillet makers are regularly selling their goods for north of $150 and well into the low $300s. For the remainder of this week, you can pick up a Field for $80 and use it for the rest of your life.

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