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The Coffee Table Book of Your Dreams Is on Sale Now

Coffee table books are, arguably, works of art.


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Your home is more than a living space; that term would imply that the sole purpose of everything inside it is to aid in the functions of daily survival. The truth is that your apartment or house is filled with a consciously- and unconsciously-collected group of objects that together act as a representation of who you are. (And if it truly is empty, well that says a lot, too.)

As a focal point of one of the more social rooms in any space — the living room — the coffee table provides an opportunity to curate how visitors might understand you. Yes, it’s a surface for remote controls and drinking vessels, but it can also accommodate larger objects, like books. There’s even a term for this: the coffee table book.

These publications are extensive and usually filled with as many pictures as words. Every subject is fair game too — the sneakerhead might display a tome on the history of sneakers, while a downtown-dwelling artist might put out an ode to Jean-Michel Basquiat. These two books and many more are currently featured in Taschen’s sale on display and slightly-damaged models. Discounts range from 25-75 percent off, and given that these big books can cost as much as $700, it’s a sale worth checking out and fast as the sale only runs until Sunday, January 31.


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