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The Best Place to Buy Cheap Houseplants? Amazon.

Costa Farms, the largest houseplant seller in the US, has its entire Amazon stock on deep discount.


Costa Farms is the largest seller of houseplants in the US by a country mile. Today, almost 20 of its simplest, best-selling houseplants are on sale up to 30 percent off on Amazon of all places.

The lot includes all the hardy, beginner houseplants for those new to keeping another thing alive. Jade plants ($15), which are virtually immortal, do just fine in indirect light and with very little water (if the leaves start to turn red, move it further from direct light). Snake plants ($17), also unwilling to die despite your best efforts, require watering only when the soil is bone dry and don’t care much for sunlight (but generally aren’t hindered by it). Air plants ($15) don’t even need soil to live (just soak them in water once a week).

On top of showing your friends and family you have your life somewhat together, plants recycle and purify the air. According to an old NASA report on the matter, Snake plants are pretty great in this regard.

The Amazon sale lasts until tomorrow afternoon.

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