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Xbox One X: The Best Console Is At Its Lowest Price Ever

It’s the first time that the Xbox One X has been discounted so that feels like a deal.


The Xbox One X was released in November 2017 (a year ago) and it’s still the most desired Xbox console for gamers with 4K HDR televisions. It’s the most powerful console that produces the best graphics and delivers the best gaming experience – but it’s also pretty damn expensive. At $500, the Xbox One X is practically twice as expensive as the Xbox One S, and considering it just plays the same games at slightly higher resolution, it’s a pretty hard sell. Even for gamers that have a 4K TV.

There’s also the fact that the Xbox One X hasn’t really been discounted at all since its release. Sure, you could find “deals” that bundle games with the console for $500, and technically that’s saving you the cost of the game (~$65), but it’s not really a deal. Today that’s changing, however.

To celebrate the Xbox One X’s one-year anniversary, as well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Walmart is selling a 1TB console for $399 – that’s a $100 off. You can pick up 1TB bundles with the latest Fallout or NBA 2K games, if you really want those games, for $429.

If you’ve been waiting for any kind of good deal on the Xbox One X, this seems like the right time to strike. It’s also worth noting that if you have an Xbox One S but want to upgrade to the console with the best graphics, there are a couple places – like GameSpot – that are running some nice trade-in offers.

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