Today Is Your Best Chance to Save on a Vintage Grand Seiko Watch

The Grand Seiko Guy is offering 15-percent off hard to find vintage Grand Seiko watches.

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When it comes to selling vintage Grand Seiko watches, one man reigns supreme: Gerald Donovan, also known as The Grand Seiko Guy. Donovan offers one of the most comprehensive collections of vintage Grand Seiko watches and Grand Seiko information in the world. If you need to know where a certain Grand Seiko reference was made, when and in what catalog that watch appeared, The Grand Seiko Guy is your place.

If you’ve been eyeing up a vintage Grand Seiko (like many of us here at Gear Patrol), today is the day to finally make moves. For Black Friday (and coincidentally the one-year anniversary of The Grand Seiko Guy), Donovan is offering 15-percent off of all watches at The Grand Seiko Guy — including some truly rare and unique references. Below is just a small selection of our favorite watches from his site, but there are dozens more to choose from as well. Don’t sleep on this — you’ll regret it.

Shop the Full Sale: Here

4522-8010 by Grand Seiko $7,500 $6,375

4580-710 by Grand Seiko Learn More: Here

6145-8000 by Grand Seiko $2,000 $1,700

“First” by Grand Seiko $25,000 $21,250

6186-8000 by Grand Seiko $17,500 $14,875

The Best Black Friday Deals

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