The Best Entry-Level Smartwatch is Down to $150

The Fitbit Versa, arguably the best entry-level smartwatch and bang for the buck, typically rings up at $200.


Once looked at as an obvious fad that would die off before it had a chance, Smartwatches have become as firmly established as any tablet, e-reader or smartphone. But, just like those other smart devices, they can be a bit pricey. The Fitbit Versa – arguably the best entry-level smartwatch and bang for the buck – typically rings up at $200. Today, you can pick up the Versa for a discounted price of $150.

Standard Bluetooth connectivity, constant heart rate monitoring, apps, clock faces, notifications and store 300-plus songs all with up to four days of battery life. Other smartwatches can overload you with apps and you never actually use and music you never actually listen to. Pragmatically, even at its regular price, the Versa makes a case for itself.

Buy Now: $200 $150

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