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This Is the Kind of Trash Can You Only Buy on Black Friday

Simplehuman’s trash bins are pretty much the best you can buy, and today some are significantly discounted.

Simplehuman Deal Gear Patrol Lead Full

A combination of looks, odor dampening and an airtight lid have made Simplehuman trash cans a very, very weird grail item for many a household. This is because, unlike most chintzy trash cans you’ve shoved under your sink in the past, the Simplehuman cans are not known for their affordability.

But, today, that issue is remedied (at least a bit), as 10 of its best items — including its very popular 45 liter step can — are 25 percent off and ship free. And yes, you will need to buy Simplehuman trash bags for your Simplehuman trash can.

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