The GPS Watch Your Fitness Routine Needs Is on Sale

Suunto GPS watches measure all the data needed to improve your fitness regimen, and they’re 30 percent off for the holidays.


Want to get faster, stronger or simply approach your training regimen more seriously? You need data. Elite athletes get it from a team of coaches, trainers and physical therapists, but when all that’s unavailable, there’s the fitness watch. Suunto makes some of the most reliable available, (and not all are 100 percent trustworthy), with metrics for distance, pace, heart rate, elevation and so much more. How you interpret all that data and use it to generate real self-improvements is up to you, but here’s one vital stat to start with: For Black Friday, Suunto is offering 30-percent off its Spartan Trainer Wrist HR and Suunto 3 Fitness, two watches that we recommend. Suunto is also offering discounts up to 50 percent on a range of other watches.

Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR: $279 $195Suunto 3 Fitness: $199 $139

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