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Get Bulova’s Moon Watch for Just $309

The Bulova Lunar Chronograph went to the moon in 1971, and right now you can nab it for just over $300 on a steel bracelet.


While the Boluva Lunar Pilot Chronograph may not be the “Moon Watch” (that honor goes to the ever-popular hand-winding Omega Speedmaster), an earlier reference of this watch did indeed go to the moon. When Dave Scott’s NASA-issued Speedy broke during the Apollo 15 mission in 1971, his Bulova kept perfect time throughout that mission and lived on to fetch over $1.6 million at auction in 2015. The brand’s Accutron technology, memorialized in one of my favorite Mad Men product pitches of all time, was also used in the instrument panels of NASA spacecraft flown through the 1960s and 70s. It goes without saying that Accutron tech has earned its keep, even in a world where mechanical timekeeping gets the lion’s share of attention.

While the purists out there might balk at the Ultra High-Frequency quartz movement in place of a hand-winding or automatic variant, the presence of a battery is more than justified by the watch’s incredible accuracy. You also get cool paddle pushers, a commemorative engraved case back and a sapphire crystal, which lends some modern tech to this old-school timepiece. With 50m of water resistance and a sleek steel bracelet, this 45mm chrono is an awesome everyday tool watch, and a throwback to an era of genuine space-exploring badass-ery.

$309 is a savings of more than 45% off Bulova’s MSRP of $675. If you’d prefer the watch on a sleek black strap, it’s also available at a deep discount for $325.

Buy Now: $675 $309

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