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Wildsam Field Guides provide you with what feels like personalized recommendations for your next destination city or road trip. Pick up a guide today for $10 off.


If you want to know the local hot spots in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Charleston, New Orleans and San Antonio, look no further than the Wildsam Field Guides. Since 2012, Wildsam has worked hard to tell the story of each city through its small guidebooks, but it’s more than just that. Open up each 4-inch by 7-inch book to read about locals’ favorite restaurants, see hand-drawn maps and read essays from literary figureheads about each place. Imagine the recommendations you might get from your friend who’s plugged into what’s happening in their city — that’s what you get in Wildsam Field Guides. No matter where you want to travel to next, these guides are a great place to start.

Pick from the city series (which also includes Nashville, Detroit and Denver) or pick up a road trip series featuring the Desert Southwest, New England or the American South. Enter code WILDSAM25 at checkout to save 25-percent off a guide.

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