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This Coffee Maker Is Cheap, Fast and Incredibly Underrated

There’s a reason Bunn is one of the most trusted names in the commercial coffee world, and it ain’t because it half-asses the models it makes for regular people.


The engineering behind making consistently great cups of coffee is not to be taken lightly. The drip brewer must heat water to an exact temperature, pre-infuse the grounds, water the entirety of the brew bed evenly and pull a precise amount of coffee solids (the stuff that makes coffee taste like coffee). And it’s gotta do all these things in less than five minutes or we get ornery.

A lot of credit is given to the rigor of the Specialty Coffee Association’s home brewer program, and for good reason — it’s the most difficult to achieve certification stamp in the coffee world. But there’s barely 15 brewers on its list, and all of them sell for north of $100 (and up to $350). Bunn, a company steeped in coffee-making history, mostly works on the commercial side of the business (you’ve probably seen its grinders in your grocery store or local coffee shop), but its small line of home coffee makers is no joke.

Bunn’s 10-cup BX-B home brewer is among the very best of affordable coffee makers, capable of doing everything you expect from a great coffee maker. And, thanks to a pre-heated water tank, it could very well be the quickest brew out there. In testing, the BX-B brewer brewed its maximum load of coffee in 3 minutes and 10 seconds. That is lightning quick. The downside to this is it is using a small amount of power whenever it’s plugged in, but if good coffee made quickly is what you’re after, it’s hard to beat.

The 10-cup BX-B is discounted to an all-time low price on Amazon today.

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