Take 25% Off Tons of Watch Straps from The Nato Strap Co.

Take this opportunity to stock up on all kinds of straps for your watches, including Natos, Zulus, 2-piece canvas models and more.


If nabbing that coveted watch is high on your priority list for the new year, then chances are good that you’re gonna need a new strap or two to go with it. Thankfully, The Nato Strap Co. is still running an end-of-year sale (use the code “2018” at checkout), offering 25% off straps site-wide. Though most of their offerings are indeed Nato straps, there are several other types on offer as well, including two-piece canvas straps and several Panerai-type models with oversized buckles. Here are a few favorites for consideration:

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Blacks Ops XII Ballistic Nylon Strap by The Nato Strap Co. $15 $11

Analog Ballistic Nylon Strap by The Nato Strap Co. $10 $8

Cadet Z3 Two-Piece Ballistic Nylon Strap by The Nato Strap Co. $15 $11

Olive Military Style Canvas Watch Strap by The Nato Strap Co. $50 $38

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