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Upgrade to Superior Lightning Cables. It’s Easy, Cheap and Cool

You can get these durable cables in several colors, including red, black and gold.


At home, I don’t use Apple’s Lightning cables. It’s not that they’re bad — they’re not — it’s just that everybody has them and, because of that, they always get “accidentally” stolen. Plus, since they’re white, they tend to get nasty (turning an icky gray) after heavy use.

A few years ago I invested in some of Anker’s charging cables. They’re more durable, being made of nylon, than Apple’s offerings. And they come in a bunch of colors (red is my favorite) so it’s less likely that somebody will “confuse” them as their own. Also, they’re not terribly expensive. (They’re actually less expensive than the cables that Apple sells on its website, here.)

Anker offers its Powerline II collection of cables in a variety of lengths: 3-feet, 6-feet and 10-feet. If you need the extra length, say you have to run the cable under a couch or bed, Amazon is offering Anker’s 10-foot cables for extra cheap today. It’s part of their “Deal of the Day,” so you if you want one — act fast. The deal applies for red, white, black and gold cables.

Buy Now: $22 $15

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