Want to Try CBD Gummies? Save $10 with This Exclusive Deal

Holiday CBD Gummies offer 10mg of hemp-derived, lab-tested CBD, contain absolutely no THC, and come in three tasty flavors.


The recent market flood of CBD-infused products can create an overwhelming sense of analysis paralysis when you decide to sample what’s on offer. That’s kind of ironic, though, since CBD is intended to help you relax. Holiday understands this and believes vacation is a state of mind, and its CBD-infused Gummies can get you there. The brand’s premium CBD Gummies contain 10mg of hemp CBD per piece, as well as a small amount of MCT oil, a form of saturated fatty acid typically derived from coconuts. These gummies are guaranteed and lab-tested to be free of THC for a 100 percent non-psychoactive experience — all chill, no high, with three delicious flavors to choose from. Take $10 off your first order from Holiday when you use the discount code GP10 and find your own vacation state of mind.

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