This Swedish Brand Is Making Your New Favorite Pants

It took the small Swedish brand nearly 300 prototypes, but they have created the most versatile pair of pants a fella could ask for.



Swedish brand åäö doesn’t care if you can pronounce its name (it’s something like owa-ah-uh); what it cares about is how you cover up the lower half of your body as we’ve noted before with their shorts. That’s why it spent years, went through nearly 300 prototypes and an 8000-mile motorcycle ride to come up with a single pair, simply called The Pants as these are the only pair you’ll ever need. The Pants stretch in all directions and repel water, dirt or any disastrous spill but they feel like soft canvas and look like a pair of work-appropriate chinos. Made in Sweden from advanced Swiss fabrics, each pair comes hand signed by the seamstress that crafted them. With a long lasting guarantee, åäö will always try to mend any damaged pants or replace them for you. You can snap up The Pants for 15 percent off and free shipping with the special Gear Patrol discount code Gearpatrol.

Buy Now: $340 $289

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