The Only Device You Need to Secure Your Privacy Online

To help give you peace of mind — and keep your data private — there is the new Winston Online Privacy Device.


The tech companies we use every day know way more about us than we’d like. It’s a fact. It is no secret at this point that anything we search, click on, or post can be collected, tracked, stored and used by tech companies, advertising agencies and (conspiracy theories aside) the government. Ad blockers and incognito mode do virtually nothing to protect your privacy. To help give you peace of mind — and keep your data private — try the new Winston Online Privacy Device. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) alternative, Winston is a small minimalist box that is plugged-in between your modem and router that shields all the information passing through your home or office network. It does this by scrambling your information between different locations, obscuring its point of origin and giving you the protection you need. Winston also blocks over 90,000 different advertising and tracking sites helping to declutter your online experience as well. You can grab a Winston from its Indiegogo page below.

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