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Upgrade Your Car With an Easy-to-Use Engine Monitor, Now $10 Off

An OBDII reader can reveal many of the mysteries hidden behind your car’s check engine light.

nonda zus smart vehicle health monitor

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Ever feel the subtle rise of dread in your stomach when you see the mysterious “check engine light” illuminate on your car’s dashboard? Well, you don’t have to be in the dark as to why your car is showing you the light. By plugging into the OBDII port under your car’s dash (it’s standard on all cars sold in the US after December 31st, 1995), a code reader can reveal what’s happening in the secret recesses of your vehicle’s powertrain.

Right now, the Nonda ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor, which pairs a Bluetooth-enabled OBDII reader with an easy-to-read smartphone app, is currently marked down 17% on Amazon as part of their Prime Day extravaganza. In addition to illuminating you to what’s going on whenever your engine throws a code, you can also use it to keep track of your mileage and save your car’s location in a parking lot. It even offers predictive analytics about your car, potentially enabling you to get ahead of any issues before they leave you marooned. This Prime Day deal is going fast, though, so jump on this right now if you want it.

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