This Montblanc Fragrance Hits All the Right Notes

With ingredients like vetiver, bergamot and patchouli, Montblanc’s Explorer fragrance evokes a timeless sense of exploration.


Of all the senses, none conjures up a mood or brings back old memories quite like the sense of smell. It’s a fact that a certain French writer found out firsthand when he was so moved by the scent of a madeleine biscuit that he had to go and write a four-thousand-page novel just to clear his head. To that effect, if you’re looking for a fragrance that hits all the right notes, Montblanc’s Explorer Eau de Parfum is a good place to start. Launched earlier this year, Explorer is a woody, worldly, leathery aroma — with top notes of Sicilian bergamot, a powerful body of Haitian vetiver and a base made from Montblanc’s exclusive, ethically sourced Indonesian patchouli. The fragrance comes in a contemporary glass bottle printed with a distinctive Saffiano leather motif and a matching outer box. Explorer is a bold but balanced scent, evoking a timeless sense of masculinity and inspiring new memories for years to come.

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