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Save $100 on Sonos’ Best-Sounding Speaker

This discount on the Sonos Five is as rare as it is terrific.

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Amazon is running a rare sale on the Sonos Five wireless speaker for $399 today — that’s $100 off the normal $499 price tag.

The Sonos Five, a revamped version of its preview Play:5, is the company’s biggest and best-sounding standalone speaker. It’s Sonos’s only wireless speaker to have an audio line-in, so you can hook it up to a record player. It’s also unique because it can output both mono and stereo audio; when the Five is horizontal it will play stereo and when it’s vertical it will play mono.

The Five is rarely on sale, and never for more than $100, so now's as great a time as ever to pull the trigger.

Price: $399


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