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These Affordable E-Bikes Are a Blast, and They're On Sale for One More Day

Save $200 on your choice of the RadCity 3 Step-Thru or the RadCity 4 High-Step — or both.

rad power bikes
Rad Power Bikes

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If there’s one downside to the burgeoning e-bike revolution, it’s the costs involved. E-bikes can be a great substitute for a motorcycle when it comes to an urban commute, as we learned through firsthand testing not too long ago; they’re also great for anyone who wants a little added pep when riding around off-road. But with price tags that can equal a solid used motorcycle, many e-bikes are (arguably) too pricey to justify as a real-life conveyance.

That’s where Rad Power Bikes comes in. The Seattle-based company makes a line of e-bikes that are both affordable and incredibly practical, thanks to modular construction that can accommodate tons of accessories and fat tires to soak up bumps and blast through obstacles. And it's the final day of the brand's sale, so you can still save $200 on either the RadCity 3 Step-Thru or the RadCity 4 High-Step, both of which are amongst our favorite e-bikes in the game, especially where urban commutes are concerned.

RadCity 3 Step-Thru
Rad Power Bikes radpowerbikes.com

While the RadCity 3 is better for shorter riders and the RadCity 4 trends toward those who are taller, both bikes offer 45+ miles of range per charge, a weight limit of 275 pounds, and come equipped with a powerful 750w direct-drive motor. The electric power also allows for integrated bike lights, which are great for safety and visibility when tooling around town — and you never have to worry about replacing the batteries.

RadCity 4 High-Step
Rad Power Bikes radpowerbikes.com

Whichever you choose, whether for commuting or leisure, these are some of the best e-bikes around. And the sale ends today (June 30), so be sure to take advantage of these savings while you can.


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