Your Favorite Designer’s Favorite Designer Is 60% Off Right Now

The contemporary Swedish brand falls squarely in the camp of IYKYK (if you know, you know) brands thanks to its forward thinking and quality details.


There is no doubt in my mind, which generally is full of the stuff, that the best part of Monday is the fact that a bunch of Our Legacy is on sale at Need Supply. Zero evidence of uncertainty. It’s bleak outside — cold, grey and rainy — but one of your boy’s favorite brands is all on sale right now for up to 60 percent off and that’s what’s getting me through.

The Stockholm-based brand has elegantly shoved its way to the fore of brands-you-should-know since 2005 with its delicate mix of fashion-forward cowboy minimalism, tailored sportswear and avant-garde processes all brought to fruition with top-shelf fabrics and quality construction. Coats to stiff-arm winter, wool pants that make you forget that jeans exist, fancy wallets that you’ll be glad to pull out when you step out of the office for a decent cuppa and much more are all on major discount on this grey Monday.

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Delicate Gingham Frontier Shirt by Our Legacy $308 $154

Base Roundneck Sweater by Our Legacy $365 $219

Box Flannel Shirt by Our Legacy $217 $109

Heusen Wool Shirt by Our Legacy $524 $314

Dolphin Herringbone Coat by Our Legacy $764 $306

Access Flower Wallet by Our Legacy $171 $68

Borrowed Herringbone Chino by Our Legacy $421 $253

Boxy Broadcloth Overshirt by Our Legacy $296 $178

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