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Here’s How to Make Your Knife Last Forever on the Cheap

Take proper care of it, and a cheap knife can turn into a family heirloom.


Like watches and recipes, pocket knives are engrained with the potential to become family heirlooms. Even the cheap blade you use to cut open packages and spread peanut butter might someday become a priceless keepsake, with one important caveat: you have to take care of it. The steps to do so are easy – read our full guide on knife maintenance to learn up – but you do need to arm yourself with the appropriate tools.

Right now, you can do that on a budget thanks to a 50 percent discount on Drop’s end-to-end Knife Maintenance Kit. Drop sourced everything you need, from cleaning solution to a work mat, from highly regarded companies like the German toolmaker Wera. It’s the best of everything you need for the job, at the best price we’ve seen.

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