Get a Minimalist Wallet That Can Actually Hold Your Things

If you need a thin wallet that’s not too thin, this one from Valmor Design is the one for you.


While many minimalist wallets have risen to fill the gap left by people who no longer want to carry around a bulky folding wallet stuffed with cards, some of the slim wallet options seem to be a bit too minimal. For those who don’t want to carry their entire arsenal of cards yet still want to be able to fit the essentials, there is the V3 Blaze Wallet by Valmor Design. The wallet is made from top-grain leather (or vegan leather as well) and allows two cards in the front pockets, three or four cards in the central pockets, and a pull strap so that you can access them easily. It also features a coin pocket, a key ring attachment, RFID protection and other useful features. It even comes with a one-year warranty.

Buy Now: $24

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