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The Ultra-Fast Nike Shoe That Almost Got Banned Is on Sale

The World Athletic Council nearly banned Nike’s fast carbon plate-enhanced running shoe, which is currently 25 percent off.


The bright hues of Nike’s carbon-enhanced Vaporfly running shoes are likely a little bleached from the amount of time spent in the limelight of late. After the latest iteration helped athletes shatter marathon records, the World Athletics Council considered banning footwear with such enhancements. But the new rules that it released in late January gave the Vaporflys and their ilk the go while hedging the decision with a statement saying that “the integrity of the sport might be threatened by the recent developments in shoe technology.”

Another caveat says that, to be used in competition, any shoe has to have been available on the open market for at least four months prior (read: no fancy prototypes allowed). Not a problem for Nike. The shoe that kicked all this off, the Vaporfly 4%, has been around for a few years now. In that time, The New York Times was even able to conduct an exhaustive analysis of race results to reveal that yes, the shoe actually does make runners faster by roughly four percent, on average.

So, with Nike’s wonder shoe certified and proven, you might be thinking about picking up a pair for yourself. If so, you’re in luck; the Vaporfly 4% is currently on sale for 25 percent off, a savings of $63.

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