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Flex on Your Father-in-Law With a New Rolex

Dads dig two things: Rolex watches and good bargains.




After a wedding ring, buying a Rolex is one of the most symbolic purchases you can make. The brand is a household name whose reputation is universally associated with success (not to mention deep pockets). So it’s no surprise that wearing a Rolex is the only scientifically proven way to let your dad know that you’ve “made it” (*results not guaranteed). Still, a Rolex is the kind of purchase you make when the time is right — and the time is right now for anyone looking for dad’s approval because eBay is offering up to 30 percent off of a massive selection of new and pre-owned Rolex watches. With styles ranging from $2,500 to $120,000, who knows — you might even be able to get your father-in-law’s approval.

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