Buy One, Get One Free on This Pro-Favorite Hydration Mix

Maurten gel can boost performance in recreational athletes by up to 10%, and right now The Feed is doubling all orders of Maurten gels and drink mixes.


Every athlete needs an edge. Whether you’re training for your first 5k or running a marathon in under two hours. The top athletes in the world, like those running sub-two-hour marathons, trust a drink and hydrogel from Swedish brand Maurten. Hydrogels are water-based biopolymers, and Maurten uses them as a vehicle to deliver carbohydrates faster and in greater quantities than similar drinks and gels. In other words, Maurten’s products deliver your working muscles a massive amount of carbohydrates without upsetting your stomach (that’s key). While professional athletes using Maurten are seeing a one or two percent improvement, recreational athletes are seeing a boost of up to 10% on workouts lasting an hour or more. Even better, right now our friends over at The Feed are offering a killer deal — for today only, The Feed will double any online order of Maurten gels or drink mixes. That’s buy one get one free in case you were wondering.

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