These Are Some of the Best American-Made Shoes You Can Buy. Now They’re 40% Off

Rancourt & Co. has been making its handsewn shoes in Maine for over 50 years.


Some of the best shoes made in America come from one Lewiston, Maine brand: Rancourt. The family-owned business has been crafting handsewn (literally, sewn by hand) moccasin-style shoes since 1967, building a reputation for fine footwear along the way.

Though the brand’s enjoyed decades of success, Rancourt has, like many businesses, felt the squeeze of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the brand is fighting to withstand the current climate and keep not only its employees working, but also the rich tradition of American shoemaking alive. To do this, the Rancourt is pivoting its traditional retail model and turning to crowdfunding.

And that, it turns out, means some serious discounts for customers. Via crowdfunding, Rancourt is offering its most popular, best-selling styles at wholesale prices — which amounts to a hefty 40 percent off.

Each shoe uses top-tier full-grain leathers from the esteemed Horween Leather tannery in Chicago and is built with traditional long-lasting construction methods. You’ll find all the best styles on sale, from a pair of classic American beef roll penny loafers to moccasin-style chukkas — even luxe minimalist sneakers.

The brand will collect orders until it hits the target threshold: the number of orders it needs to produce batches of shoes and keep its shoemakers employed. Like a pre-order model of retail, the shoes won’t be available right away and will take about two to three months to ship. That may be a long time to wait for some people, but you can still order a pair of ready-made shoes for immediate satisfaction.

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Classic Ranger-Moc by Rancourt $250 $150



Acadia Chukka by Rancourt $280 $175



Read Boat Shoe by Rancourt $250 $150



Court Classic 2.0 by Rancourt $280 $170



Court Classic 2.0 Mid by Rancourt $295 $175



Beefroll Penny Loafer by Rancourt $295 $185



Gilman Camp-moc by Rancourt $250 $150


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