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Deals of Note: March 1, 2017

How to save on a Timex watch, a Google Home and Chromecast package and a teardrop trailer rental.

Off The Grid Rentals

Timex Waterbury Classic Watch

Save $48: A classic watch design, with a leather strap sourced from the Red Wing tannery. Best part: it’s ridiculously cheap without looking cheap.

Buy Now: $49

Google Home and Chromecast Package

Save $35: Buy a Google Home from B&H and get a complimentary Google Chromecast or Chromecast Audio.

Buy Now: $130

Off the Grid Teardrop Trailer Rentals

Save $20,000+: Why buy a $20,000 teardrop trailer when you can rent one instead? For now, the trailers are available in California, Arizona and Utah.

Buy Now: $98+/night

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