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Deals of Note: March 30, 2017

How to save on an Amazon Kindle, Blue Apron and a Wasatch Outdoors survival kit.


Amazon Kindle Voyage

Save $50: Even if you’re a hard copy die-hard, the convenience of Amazon’s portable library is undeniable when it comes to travel. Never heft another paperback around a foreign country again. Note: you’ll need a Prime membership to take advantage of this deal.

Buy Now: $150

Blue Apron New Chefs Deal

Save $32: By now you’re probably familiar with Blue Apron’s ingredients-to-mailbox model. Maybe you’ve scrutinized that model and remain critical; maybe you’ve tried it and sworn off grocery stores entirely. If you fall into the former group, the brand wants you to give it a shot with this discount.

Learn More: Here

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The Wasatch Outdoors Survival Kit

Save 15%: A credit card knife, water purification tablets, two fish hooks, a compass and more — all in a small and reusable tin can. Use code SURVIVAL for the discount.

Buy Now: $28

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