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Deals of the Week

All the deals you missed this week.

Astor Soft flex

Editor’s Note: These deals happened between Monday and Friday of the prior week. Some are still available, some have faded like a copper sunset. Check back on Monday for more Deals of Note.

Anker 4-Port USB Wall Charger

Save 62%: Everyone needs to charge their devices through USB. You can use a dock to charge your phone, but for traveling or big families, that’s less than ideal. Pick up a 4x USB charger and you can stop fighting over the one free wall outlet at the hotel.

Buy Now: $19


Save 30-50%: Wallpaper calls itself”the world’s global design authority.” The company has great taste and stocks everything from books to kitchen decor.

Learn More: Here

Audioengine A2+ Speakers

Save $50: Audioengine’s A2+ speaker system fits right in with the rest of our recommended desktop speakers — they’ll deliver fantastic sound and won’t break the bank.

Buy Now: $200

Brooks Brothers Polo Shirts

Save $20: Find some new summer clothes — two polo shirts from Brooks Brothers are a great start to any warm-weather outfit.

Buy Now: $120

Hamish Robertson Notecards

Save 40%: Stationery doesn’t have to be complicated. These simple, elegant notecards from LA-based artist Hamish Robertson are perfect for any occasion. On sale through Friday with the code FLASHCARD.

Learn More: Here

Evil Bikes

Save $500: Now that you’ve got a new hip pack for your ride, you could use a new bike. EVIL bikes have been shaking up the mountain bike industry with radical innovations in carbon construction and adjustable geometry.

Learn More: Here

Nau Succinct Trench Coat

Save $83: Rain jackets don’t have to look like they’re just for the backcountry. This waterproof, breathable trench coat is made with heathered yarn made to look similar to a suit jacket.

Buy Now: $182

L.L.Bean Backyard to Beach Sale

Save 20%: L.L.Bean has been making high-quality gear since 1912, most notably the classic Bean Boot). The timeless New England brand is running sales on everything from its classic Boat and Tote bag to its own take on Patagonia’s Baggies shorts.

Learn More: Here

Amazon Echo

Save $40: The Amazon Echo was the first virtual assistant of its kind. It can play you music, tell you the news for the day, and even order you a pizza.

Buy Now: $140

Astorflex Softflex Shoe

Save $50: These Italian-made sneakers say casual, but they breathe quality. Constructed in eco-friendly processes with a leather upper and natural rubber sole.

Buy Now: $120

Mac Knife 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Save $55: If you’re going to get serious about food, you’ll need a knife that’s sturdy and sharp. This Japanese blade is a good bet.

Buy Now: $120

Finisterre Rucksack

Save 20%: Finisterre worked with the waterproof bag masters at Ortlieb to make a pack perfect for surfing and any other adventure where splashing might occur.

Buy Now: $146

Levi’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans

Save 50%: Classic blue jeans by the brand that patented them back in 1873, every-so-slightly-faded.

Buy Now: $40

Schwinn 9 in 1 Tool

Save 65%: If you aren’t going to commit to a full work station in the garage, you should at least have the basics covered. This tool includes a range of hex wrenches and drivers.

Buy Now: $6

Amazon Kindle Voyager Travel Bundle

Save $90: With an adaptive light sensor, an anti-glare screen and more books than you could ever read, the Kindle is perfect for travel, and with this bundle you get a leather case and travel bag to protect your digital library while on the road.

Buy Now: $285

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