This Sale Is Just One Reason You Should Only Wear Wool Socks This Winter

Right now on Jet, you can save 33% on Smartwool socks when you purchase three or more pairs.


There’s a reason why wool has been used to makes socks pretty much since socks first came to exist. Wool is warm. And the merino blends commonly used in socks today are also soft, breathable and naturally anti-microbial (meaning they doesn’t stink like the cotton and nylon crews you’re used to). Unfortunately wool can also be pricey, but if you plan on stocking up to keep your toes warm this winter, now is the time. Right now you can save 33% when you buy three pairs of Smartwool socks on Jet. Just enter the code SMARTWOOL33 at checkout. Smartwool’s trekking sock is a classic, and if you’re looking for a more technical fit, try any pair with “PhD” in its name.

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