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The Best Deals of the Week

These are all the deals you might have missed this week. But don’t worry — thanks to our curated list, you still have the chance to save.


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These Weighted Blankets Could Unlock a Better Night’s Sleep
Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always easy. Lots of issues cause restlessness, but a factor that often gets overlooked is your bedding. One item you might want to consider is a weighted blanket. Just as it sounds, they are blankets that are weighted (usually 10 percent of your own body weight) and can provide a beneficial calming effect.

The Gravis Weighted Blanket from luxury bedding and bath company Montage comes in three weights — 15, 20 and 25 pounds — and surrounds you in comfort. Made from high-quality cotton, it’s extremely breathable, cooling in the summer and warming in the winter. Designed to provide in-home deep touch pressure to help decrease stress and anxiety, it means a better night’s sleep is ahead.

Use code GP25 for 25 percent off your entire Montage order.

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Slim Card Cases on Sale
Save 20% or More Considering how little paper most guys actually need to have on them these days, it makes sense that a card case has become the something of a new standard for the EDC. And right now at East Dane, there are a handful of them on sale, from brands like Hugo Boss, Tumi, Shinola and more. — Justin Fenner

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Apple 13-Inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (mid-2017)
Save $400:If you’re looking for a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, there are several models to choose from. You can still find some late-2016 models floating around sites like Amazon and eBay, but Apple doesn’t sell those anymore; that’s because, in summer 2017, Apple released upgraded models with newer Kaby Lake chipsets, newer graphics cards and faster SSD storage. Then there are the new MacBook Pros (w/ Touch Bar) ever in July 2018, which are super powerful and significantly more expensive. For most people, the “mid-2017” models with Touch Bar will be more sufficient, right now you can get a really good deal on one: B&H is selling a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (mid-2017) for $1,399, which is $400 off its normal price.

Buy Now: $1,799 $1,399

elac speaker deal gear patrol lead full

ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2 Bookshelf Speakers
Save $50: For anybody building out a home vinyl setup or home theater system, and they’re on a budget, they’re going to want a solid pair of entry-level bookshelf speakers. Enter the ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2 bookshelf speakers. They sound accurate, with smooth and crisp highs, yet they still have punchy bass, thanks to each speaker’s 1-inch silk dome tweeter and 5.25-inch aramid-fiber woofer; Crutchfield says they’re “both easy on the wallet and a pleasure to listen to.” The speakers normally go for $250, but Amazon slashed $50 off of that today — it’s the lowest price that we’ve seen on these particular speakers.

Buy Now: $250 $200


J.Crew’s Flash Sale
Save 25% With just a hint of a reprieve from summer’s sweltering heat and humidity in the air today, we here at GPHQ are thinking about what we’re going to wear this fall. And the good people at J.Crew must be thinking about the season ahead, too. Today and tomorrow, they’re offering a flash sale on select new arrivals for fall that will let shoppers take 25 percent off their latest styles.— Justin Fenner

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irobot roomba deal gear patrol lead full

Roomba Vacuums
Save Up to 25%>Roomba has dominated the robot vacuum market so thoroughly it’s become a generic trademark. Ask a group of people what the best robo-vacuum is and they’d probably scratch their heads, but they almost certainly know what a Roomba is. This all said, iRobot’s (the company that makes Roombas) prized floor cleaner does not come cheap. Luckily, three of its models — the budget-conscious 690, the multi-floor cleaning 960 and the all-powerful 980 — are discounted up to 25 percent off today. — Will Price

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Bodum Cold Brew Coffee System
Save 83%>As we’ve harped on before, making cold brew coffee is remarkably forgiving, easy and cheap. The process, abridged: add water to coffee grounds (freshly ground and roasted, preferably), allow mixture to rest at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours, filter grounds and put concentrate in fridge (it’s good up to two weeks).

This all said, having a dedicated spot to make your cold brew is ideal, and you won’t find a better or cheaper option than Bodum’s 1.5-liter cold brew press, which is more than 80 percent off right now. It holds enough cold brew concentrate (you should dilute the concentrate with milk or water before drinking) to last you a week to a week and a half, depending on rate of consumption, and you don’t have to worry about replacing or cleaning filters like you would with most popular cold brew systems. The only difference in the brew process for Bodum’s cold brew press and typical cold brew is pressing the plunger down once the proper amount of time has elapsed.

The Bodum Bean Cold Brew Coffee Maker, which retails for $58, is just $10 right now. — Will Price

Buy Now: $58 $10


Nemo Equipment on Sale
Save 25% There’s not much better than waking up in the outdoors, unzipping your tent window and stepping outside to enjoy the sunrise. Getting outdoors can be a welcome respite from your day to day grind — as long as you have the right gear to enjoy it properly. Nemo Equipment makes lightweight and easy-to-pack backpacking gear that’s great for all camping levels. Whether it’s your third time in the woods, or hundredth, these tents, sleeping bags and pillows are worth adding to everyone’s camping kit. — Meg Lappe

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TNF-Sale-Gear-Patrol-Lead Full

Everything You Ever Wanted from The North Face Is on Sale
Save up to 40%: The North Face is celebrating Labor Day early this year with a massive sale on casual and technical apparel. Save up to 40 percent. — Tanner Bowden

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Lightweight Boots from Grenson x Todd Snyder
Save 67 percent Grenson’s well-made, long-lasting boots are worth paying full price for, so it’s kinda hard not to get excited when they go on sale. This pair, made in collaboration with Todd Snyder, is marked down to just $199 from their original price of $620. — Justin Fenner

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Old Skool, New Price
Save 50 percent The great thing about a lot of sneakers from Vans is that they’re affordable at full price. Case in point: the Old Skool usually goes for around $60. But right now you can get a pair for just $30 if you head over to Urban Outfitters’ website. The retailer is offering a selection of men’s clothes and shoes for 50 percent off at checkout, including three brightly colored pairs of Old Skools.— Justin Fenner

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Herschel Backpacks on Sale
Save 25% With kids all over the country going back to school, there’s no shortage of parents and other caretakers looking for great deals on solid backpacks. And our friends at Nordstrom aren’t disappointing: right now, they’re offering a number of options from Herschel Supply Co. at 25 percent off. It’s a solid deal on a set of backpacks that are perfect for the semester ahead — and the years beyond.— Justin Fenner

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Frye Will Lace-Up and Rainer Chelsea Boots
Save 49%: More often than not, when you hear ‘Italian leather’ the assumption is it’s too delicate to be worn or used every day. To prove that stigma completely wrong are the Will Lace-Up and Rainer Chelsea boots by Frye — two opposite style boots, both with timeless style and the same deal of 49% off. — Bryan Campbell

Buy Now: $358 $184


Adidas, Asics and Brooks Running Sneakers on Sale
Save 50% With fall racing season right around the corner, now is a good time to start thinking about a new pair of shoes. Whether you’ve run all summer and need to up your mileage, or you’re looking for a fresh dose of motivation, new kicks are always a good idea. Right now, JackRabbit is offering up to 50 percent off on a variety of running sneakers from Adidas, Altra, Asics, Brooks, Nike and more. Plus, if you have a favorite style, it’s worth checking out the sale to see if you can stock up on the glass slipper. Here are a few top-notch running shoes to check out — whether you’re training for a marathon or a 5K. — Meg Lappe

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Edgecraft Trizor Electric Knife Sharpener
Save $120: The knife is perhaps the most essential tool for any chef, novice or expert. It’s no good if it’s not sharp though (actually, a dull knife can become dangerous in the kitchen). Having a trustworthy sharpener on-hand quickly becomes crucial. Edgecraft’s Trizor Electric Knife Sharpener is pro-grade, and uses a three-phase, spring-controlled system that works on both plain and serrated edges of any thickness and can bring the standard 20-degree edge down to a finer (read: sharper) 15-degree cutting plane.

It doesn’t matter what your cooking tastes like, if you’re serious about the process, you need a sharp knife, period. Right now Edgecraft’s sharpener is $120 (that’s 57 percent) less than its regular full price. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $210 $90


Rancourt & Co. Sneakers
Save up to 30%: Rancourt & Co. is an American shoe company, keeping the dream of Maine-made footwear alive with its operations in Lewiston, Maine. While the brand is probably best known for its boots, dress shoes and loafers, the brand dabbles in classy-looking, high-end sneakers. Right now you can get a few pairs up to 30 percent off at Huckberry, including pairs made from canvas, as well as Chromexcel leather uppers. — Andrew Connor

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Nisolo Handmade Boots and Shoes
Save up to 80%: With mega factories cranking out shoes one after another, the artisan shoemaker has all but vanished. Those that are left are a special and skilled group of individuals, and the footwear they craft is unique and often expensive. In celebration of Summer’s end, Nisolo, a footwear brand that works with an accomplished group of shoemakers based in Peru’s third-largest city, Trujillo, is offering up a selection of its handmade footwear for up to 80 percent off. The brand’s Chelsea boots, loafers and even sneakers — all made by hand — have never been more affordable.

Use the code BONUS20 at checkout for the full discount. — Tanner Bowden

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Montage Towels
Save 15%: Drying off with a sopping wet towel is not how anyone should start their morning. Made from 100 percent long-stapled cotton, Montage bath towels are woven with a curved weave, meaning they’re lightweight, breathable and dry more quickly than the average bath towel. This not only results in a better overall feel, one that’s both soft and absorbent, it reduces the chances that your daily towel grows mold or microscopic bacteria. Unless, of course, you like that sort of thing.

Use discount code GP15 for 15% off your entire Montage order.
— Gear Patrol Studios

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Now on Sale: Non-essential Gear That Makes Camping More Fun
Save up to 25%: It’s the non-essential gear that makes camping enjoyable — things like hatchets and lanterns and hammocks. Right now, these things are on sale for up to 25 percent off at Huckberry. — Tanner Bowden

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Junghans Max Bill Mechanical Watch
Save $160: The Junghans Max Bill is a delightful timepiece that refuses to change. The watch’s Bauhaus aesthetic has barely evolved since its legendary Swiss designer Max Bill first penned the dial design in the 1950s. This model here is powered by a Swiss-made ETA 2801-2 hand-winding movement that’s packed up in a sleek, 34mm case. Yes, that’s fairly small, but it’s in line with the watch sizes of the era in which the Junghans was originally designed (the thin bezel and large dial also make it wear a bit larger than it really is, too). The Max Bill also happens to be very affordably priced, with an MSRP of $690, but you can get it even cheaper from Massdrop right now for just $530. — Oren Hartov

Buy Now: $690 $530


Aether End of Season Sale
Save up to 60%: Aether rarely has sales, whether its lifestyle clothing and accessories or motorcycle gear. So when select items across the site are on sale up to 60% off, it naturally demands attention. — Bryan Campbell

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DeLonghi Nespresso Maker
Save 50%>The beauty of Nespresso machines is not the quality of the final product. Frankly, most machines make espressos that are virtually indistinguishable from one another. If you’ve never used one, they’re basically espresso versions of Keurig machines — easy, efficient producers of OK-tasting beverages. Hence why this deal on DeLonghi’s slightly sturdier, less plasticky Nespresso maker is worth pulling the trigger on. Though most of the items in its product description (the ones in caps) are either inconsequential or dubious (“Barista Grade”…), it does hold a lot more water than most, and is operated with a single button. — Will Price

Buy Now: $200 $100


Kershaw Scallion Pocket Knife
Save up to 69%: What makes a good everyday knife? Small blades have proven time and again that it isn’t always size. Kershaw’s Scallion is a testament to this idea. Created as a little brother to the company’s ever-classic Leek, the Scallion is a pocketable flipper with a 2.25-inch drop-point blade. The Scallion is built with the Ken Onion-designed SpeedSafe system, an assisted opening mechanism that helps the blade pop out rapidly but that doesn’t fall under the classification of a switchblade. Inside, the Scallion has a liner lock to keep its blade safely in place, and there’s a sliding Tip-Lock for additional assurance when the knife is closed.

Kershaw has dressed up the Scallion in various colors and with different handles over the years, and right now a handful of these different styles are on sale at Amazon for as much as 69% off. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $24+



Levi’s 501 Original-Fit Jeans
Save up to 33%: Some things just don’t go out of style, one of them being the classic American pair of jeans. Right now, Amazon is running a sale of up to 33%-off on Levi’s 501 Original-Fits in a plethora of washes and colors (everything from every conceivable shade of blue to black, white and khaki), so if you’re looking for a button-fly, straight-leg, 5-pocket jean for everyday wear, we recommend stocking up now. — Oren Hartov

Buy Now: $60 $40


Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic
Save up to $275: Hamilton’s Khaki lineup has always provided watch enthusiasts with handsome, military-inspired timepieces at reasonable prices, but now a campaign at Massdrop has two versions of the Khaki Automatic available at a big discount. Choose between the reference H70515137 ($380), which features a black dial and bracelet, or the H70595593 ($420) with a 24-hour dial display and a leather strap. Both are water-resistant to 100 meters and feature Hamilton’s H-10 movement, an automatic featuring the time and date and an impressive 80-hour power reserve. — Andrew Connor

Buy Now: $625+ $380+


Dyson V10 Cordless Vacuum
Save $50+Dyson’s mighty V10 cordless vacuum released just a few months ago. It’s impressive enough for the brand to shut down R&D on corded vacuums for good upon its launch. To date, it’s the most powerful cordless vacuum ever made.

These things combined make today’s discount on all three types of V10 all the more rare. The Absolute, Animal and Motorhead models are 14, 17 and 10 percent off, respectively. The only difference between each is the number of extra, task-specific vacuum heads that comes with your order (a breakdown of which heads come with which can be found here). This is the first time the entire line has been on sale. — Will Price

Learn More: Here


CamelBak Arete 18 on Sale
Save $17 Staying hydrated on a summer hike or run is imperative to your performance. And the sun can take more out of you than you think. An easy way to keep water at the ready is to wear a hydration pack. The CamelBak Arete 18 holds up to 50-ounces of gear in addition to 1.5-liters of water. An ultralight pack has a removable sternum strap so you can tackle any level of hike and feel like the bag is moving with you, not against you. It folds up to comfortably fit in a suitcase, and when you flip it inside out, it works as an insulated reservoir sleeve, so that you can use it in a larger pack as well. Pick one up today for just $48.
— Meg Lappe

Buy Now: $65 $48


Now Is the Best Time to Get a Discounted Down Jacket
Save More Than 50%: The end of August is no time for speculations on the changing of the seasons. It’s easy to declare summer’s end, but given recent trends, it may not be true — chances are the warm weather will continue for another month before fall begins to show its face. Cold weather will come though, and despite reluctance to admit to that, it can’t hurt to think ahead.

That’s especially true now, given Backcountry’s current sale on insulating jackets. The outdoor retailer has been running deep discounts on all types of gear and apparel through August, but for this weekend only it’s offering an additional 20 percent off insulation in particular. Given that the down jacket — or synthetic down jacket — is the keystone of lightweight winter warmth, (and that they’re usually pretty pricey), it’s a smart time to consider the winds and flurries yet to come. The extra discount brings quality pieces like Patagonia’s Nano-Air down from $299 to $144, or Black Diamond’s First Light from $229 to $119. — Tanner Bowden

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Bose QC30 Noise-Canceling Earphones
Save $50: Whether you prefer in-ear or over-ear noise-canceling headphones, Bose arguably makes the best models of both. Its QC35 IIs are the most comfortable over-ear models that I’ve ever tried. And it’s QC30s are definitely the best in-ear ANC headphones you can buy. Now, Amazon is selling both Bose headphones at $50 off. The QC35 IIs cost $299, down from their normal $349. And the QC30s cost $249, down from their normal $299.

Buy Now: $299 $249

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