This Home Gym Actually Looks Good In Your Living Room


forme mirror workout

Whether you like it or not, the work-from-home era is also the workout-from-home era. If you even think about a crowded, sweaty gym for too long you run the risk of a panic attack — and if you're running out of patience faster than you're actually, y'know, running, then your only real option at this point is a home gym. Consider the idea that exercise doesn't have to be awful, nor does your exercise equipment have to turn your living room into an abomination. FORME Life is an elegant full-length mirror that transforms into a personal strength studio for body and mind — so you can transform your fitness routine without having to transform your home in the process.

forme workout mirror


Magic Mirror: FORME Life's full-length mirror transforms any room into a personal strength studio, with strength training equipment that can be tucked away when not in use. The equipment folds behind the mirror when inactive, blurring the line between home decor and home gym.


The Clearest of Them All: FORME Life is raising the standard for home fitness equipment, with the largest, highest resolution screen in the industry backed by touch screen and voice control. Best of all, its stereoscopic cameras use human-centric computer vision to provide accurate guidance on form and technique. Or, if you prefer to train with your trainer for human feedback, both studios are enabled for two-way, live interaction.


Next-Level Accessories: Finally, FORME Life's full studio comes with a range of next-level accessories and optional add-ons that you won't find anywhere else — let alone another home fitness experience. Whether you're into barre or bench press, FORME Life's accessories are designed to work as hard as you do to meet your wellness goals.


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