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Have a Theragun? Here's an Easy Way to Upgrade It

The leader in the growing category of recovery products known as percussion massage has an adapter for faster workout bounce-back.

a man using a massage gun with two heads on his leg

If you've adapted your fitness regimen to embrace recovery — and you should — then maybe, in addition to tracking your sleep and adjusting your nutrition, you've picked up a new gadget known as a percussion massage gun. If you have, and it's a Theragun (which is one of our top picks), then you should know that the company also has an affordable upgrade for the machine.

It's called the Duo Adapter Set, and according to Therabody, it provides "twice the treatment, twice as fast." It allows the user to massage with two heads at once, which can help effectively address muscular stress regardless of the body's curvy contours, even where the angles are sharp, like around the shins and Achilles tendon. The Duo Adapter starts at $49 and is available in five different head shapes: standard ball, cone, thumb, dampener and supersoft. Each is specialized to specific tasks and will allow your Theragun to do certain things.

Duo Adapter Set
Theragun therabody.com

Therabody's founder, Dr. Jason Wersland, has been working on iterations of the Duo for nearly a decade — he started in 2011 with a much smaller approach called The Knuckle — and the final product accommodates all of the Theragun's various attachments; you can use two of the same, or mix and match. If you're looking for an easy upgrade for your Theragun (and not one you DIY hack) then look no further.

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