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Theragun Now Has Your Whole Body Covered, Thanks to These New Products

The pint-sized Wave Solo and Wave Duo are all about good vibrations.


For years now, Theragun by Therabody has been one of the dominant forces in the percussion massage gun space, and the Theragun Pro remains one of the best recovery products money can buy.

Now, perhaps taking cues from similar releases by competitors like Hyperice and TriggerPoint, the brand is rolling out two new products that pack a powerful punch into much smaller form factors.

The Wave Solo and Wave Duo are not only easier to transport, but they hit the body in different ways — and with much less of a hit to the wallet.

Here are all the details on each of Therabody's new recovery devices.

Wave Solo

wave solo

This lacrosse ball-sized item amps up the recuperative benefits that an ordinary lacrosse ball provides, thanks to three vibration settings. Its size and shape make it perfect for hitting small and hard-to-reach areas, such as the balls of the feet. It’s also great for a little desk therapy, as you can soothe forearms and hamstrings or put it on your lower back as you sit and work.

The Wave Solo features 120 minutes of battery life and QuietRoll tech, and it pairs with an app that allows you to adjust the intensity and discover targeted recovery routines.

Price: $79


Wave Duo

wave duo

As its name suggests, the Duo is essentially a Solo times two. This double-barreled version is still quite small, but its contoured shape is perfect for hitting sensitive areas such as calves, the neck and the lower back, among other spots. The Duo features five vibration speeds for an even more dialed-in level of percussive massage, plus a longer battery life of 200 minutes.

Like the Solo, the Wave Duo is coated with a comfortable, noise-dampening silicone, enabling it to reduce soreness and boost recovery without making a racket. It's available now.

Price: $99


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