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One of the Most Innovative Recovery Tools Is Deeply Discounted Right Now

TriggerPoint’s Charge Vibe foam roller is like a portable deep-tissue massage, and right now it’s available for 40 percent off.

a blue foam roller

Deep-tissue massages are great and all, but they can also be kinda pricey — not to mention dicey in the COVID-19 era. But for the cost of basically one session, you can buy the equivalent of a deep-tissue massage and even take it along on trips. We’re talking about the TriggerPoint Charge Vibe portable foam roller, which is on sale right now for 40 percent off.

TriggerPoint is already one of our favorite makers of affordable, effective foam rollers, and we’re huge fans of this vibrating version. The Charge Vibe features both high and wide ridges and three vibration speeds, allowing you to hit every muscle just right, increasing circulation to the areas that need it most during post-workout recovery.

The Charge Vibe weighs just a couple of pounds and is no bigger than a small dumbbell. In testing, we found it to be most effective on calves, quads, hamstrings, biceps and forearms. Pick one up today, and relaxation will never be too far away.

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