Crush Your Fitness Goals This Summer With Future

Future Fitness matches you with an elite coach based on your goals and lifestyle.

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Future Fitness

If you're looking to crush your personal fitness goals this summer, there is no better tool than a personal trainer. But not everyone has the time or comfort level of working with a trainer in person. Thankfully, Future, a one-of-a-kind fitness platform, pairs you with an elite personal trainer who puts together a custom workout plan tailored to your objectives and lifestyle. With Future, you are getting a real coach who will text you daily to hold you accountable to your workouts and acts as that extra motivation you may need to get going each day. Each Future member also receives an Apple Watch, which pairs with the app and allows you to track each workout and see metrics like calories burned and heart rate. That way, your coach can constantly adjust your workouts based on your progress and fitness level. If you're still not convinced that Future is worth checking out, Gear Patrol readers can get their first month for just $19, simply click through at the link below.

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