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We spent a week with Future coach Benjamin Van Winkle focusing on becoming a stronger cyclist.

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  • Brand: Future Fitness
  • Price: $19 for the first month, $149/month after that
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    For those following along, you know that we spent two weeks with Future focusing first on running and then on building strength. But if this is your first time hearing about Future, that's OK, too. The digital fitness platform pairs you with your own personal coach to create a workout plan that is completely tailored to your goals and lifestyle.

    This time, we spent a week using the Future platform to work on becoming a stronger cyclist. After taking Future's comprehensive survey, our tester was matched with Benjamin Van Winkle. Van Winkle developed the cycling team at Savannah College of Art and Design, piloting the new program to multiple conference and national championships. With a master’s degree in exercise physiology, Van Winkle’s philosophy is that coaching is as much an art as it is a science. He prioritizes designing science-based programs that are both enjoyable and beneficial to his clients. With this knowledge and expertise, we were in good hands and couldn’t wait to hit the ground cycling.

    What We Like

    Gear Patrol Studios

    Our tester knew they wanted to become a stronger cyclist, but didn’t know where to start. Working with Future made working toward that goal simple and approachable. Even for someone who has not worked out with the goal of being a better cyclist, our tester never felt overwhelmed. After communicating what your goals are, Future takes it from there. Van Winkle created custom workouts aimed at building strength and increasing mobility, and took all of the guesswork out of trying to work the right muscles to improve performance on the bike. The Future platform, and Van Winkle, provided the type of information, planning and strategy you wouldn’t have on your own if you just hit the gym.

    With the intent of targeting muscles that would make us feel stronger on the bike, Van Winkle created a seven-day plan just for our tester. The workouts were heavy on squats and lunges, which makes sense to build up your legs for time on the bike. But an area of focus that surprised our tester was the abs and core — building a strong core is essential for cyclists to improve power and speed.

    The workouts are loaded into the Future app on Sunday each week, and the interface couldn’t be easier to navigate. With video demonstrations and audio messaging, you are guided through each move and rep. The app also has a number of playlists to choose from that are integrated into the workouts, so you can spend less time trying to choose a song and more time focusing on your form. Plus, it syncs to your Apple Watch (provided with membership) and will record your data from your warm-up to your mileage and heart rate data when you're out on the bike.

    The week of workouts planned by Van Winkle for our tester kicked off with a primer session to stretch and get the muscles ready for the upcoming sessions. Tuesday and Thursday focused on arms and legs, while Wednesday and Friday were targeted to the glutes and riding sessions. Each workout averaged around 40 minutes, making it easy to add to our tester’s daily routine. Despite feeling sore from the glute and ride sessions, each workout was doable but effective.

    The flexibility of Future is something that makes it stand out against the pack of digital fitness platforms. Whether you have two hours in the morning to ride or only 30 minutes squeezed in between work meetings, Future trainers will create a plan that will work toward your goals around your schedule.

    From the Trainer

    Gear Patrol Studios

    For more insight on what the platform, is like from the trainer's perspective, we asked Van Winkle three questions about what makes Future worth checking out — and also got his take on the freedom that two wheels provides.

    What makes Future different from other fitness platforms?

    BVW: "Future is different from other platforms because it is personalized to the client and offers flexibility, personal training from elite coaches and the ability to connect with another actual human. I think this facilitates a greater level of accountability because the coaches are as invested in the clients' results as they are."

    What is your favorite part about being a trainer with Future?

    BVW: "My favorite part about being a trainer at Future is the freedom to program in a manner that caters to my clients' goals and highlights my strengths and experiences. Being able to work remotely also allows me to connect with people I otherwise would never come across."

    What is your favorite part about cycling?

    BVW: "My favorite part about cycling is the adventure and the bonds created while on the road training or just goofing around; some of the places I've traveled to as a result of races/coaching are just spectacular. That said, if it's just the training aspect, then I like how intense and meditative cycling can be."

    Who It’s For

    Whether you are a serious cyclist or a weekend hobbyist, Future can help you take your game to the next level. The platform's elite coaches will tailor your workouts to your schedule, which makes it especially attractive for those who might not have the time or ability to get out on the bike every day. On days our tester didn’t have time or access to a bike, Van Winkle incorporated a stationary bike into the plan or selected workouts that hit the same muscles that would be activated while riding.


    With a vast selection of elite coaches, there is no intention or goal that you can’t meet with Future. Whether you are looking to hit a personal best in your next road race or simply want to sweat and have fun, Future has you covered. It's the best of both worlds — not only can you meet your fitness goals, but you can do it and still have time for a social life.

    Gear Patrol readers can try their first month of Future for just $19, simply click through at the link below.


    Gear Patrol Studios
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