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PowerBlock Adjustable Weight Dumbbells

Shred Your Arms, Not Your Wallet


PowerBlocks aren’t new. In fact, they’ve been around since 1993 — if their website design didn’t clue you in. If you’re looking for a way to workout beyond the gym, PowerBlock Dumbbells are still the most affordable and flexible option when it comes to adjustable weight training. They’re designed like a simple weight stack with an integrated padded handle. Slotting the weight selector pin into different plates adjusts which weights are lifted when the core handle is moved. The available weight range varies depending on the model, and in the case of Classic Adjustable 5 to 45-Pounds Set ($340), users can select anywhere between 5-45 pounds (in 5 lb increments) — plenty of intervals for almost any routine. They can even be expanded to 90 lbs through an add-on set of weights as to match your might. Fairer sex onlookers impressed with your feats of strength are not included.

Buy Now: $340

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