VKTRY Gear Delivers the First-Ever Performance Insole

Made from a patented carbon fiber design, VKTRY Insoles have been tested and proven to help increase performance and decrease injuries.

vktry gear soles

Whether you're a world-class athlete or simply trying to stay in shape, there's always a need to avoid added strain or prevent fitness-related injuries. If you ask VKTRY, the best athletic performance (and pain avoidance) starts right at the insole. Crafted out of aerospace-grade carbon fiber, the technology is designed to store and return energy, diminish the potential for knee, ankle and foot injuries and deliver "spring-like" shock absorption. The overall result means you can work out or play at your peak, without worrying about burning out your body. Even better, Gear Patrol readers can score up to 35 percent off with the code GEARPATROL21 until the end of 2021, so it's never been more affordable to add a bit of VKTRY into your step. Used by NFL running backs (like leading rusher Jonathan Taylor) and Olympians alike (on top of plenty of other everyday athletes), VKTRY's insoles are designed to keep you at your peak.

Price: $119+


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