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This Company Makes Stylish Apparel Accessible for Everyone, Using Magnets

MagnaReady's magnetic apparel collections help take the stress out of dressing for the course, the gym and beyond.

magnaready magnetic apparel

Living with a disability can be tough. Even the smallest facets of everyday life can be troublesome. Case in point, those suffering from diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson's disease, ALS and others can struggle with the dexterity and fine motor skills needed to do simple tasks like buttoning a shirt or getting dressed.

MagnaReady, the original magnetic apparel company, answers the call for those affected, taking the stress out of dressing with stylish pieces that restore a sense of freedom when it comes to getting ready for the day. Through the use of magnets and easy-to-use zippers rather than buttons, these apparel options can help make getting dressed both quick and painless.

Mother is the necessity of invention

The concept for MagnaReady came to founder Maura Horton after her husband, collegiate football coach Don Horton, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2006. One day, in 2009 after struggling to button his shirt in the locker room due to his limited dexterity, Don told Maura of the embarrassment, and she quickly sprung into action, brainstorming a way to help her husband regain that independence. Infusing magnets with the already-present buttons, MagnaReady was born, lessening the effort needed to dress and making living with a disability a little less stressful.

Sadly, Don lost his battle with Parkinson's in 2016, but Maura continues his legacy with the brand, giving countless others a reprieve in stylizing their day.

What apparel does MagnaReady offer?

Since its launch, MagnaReady has expanded its collection of accessible apparel to include casual picks, sleepwear and — most recently — an athletic collection geared toward Paralympians. Every piece is designed to help lessen the challenges of getting dressed for the golf course, the gym or your daily routine. And each pick blends style and functionality, providing a sense of normalcy to a wardrobe with understated technology.

Living with a disability can be stressful enough. With MagnaReady, you can take back a little independence — and look good doing it.

Adaptive Chino Shorts
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State Knit Polo with Magnetic Closures
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