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This Brand's Latest Launch is a Gut Check to Your Hydration Health

The hydration heroes at Liquid IV now offer a probiotic-powered powder for on-the-go digestive support.

liquid iv hydration multiplier probiotic kombucha

Staying hydrated is one of the daily challenges we all — don't lie, we all — face. From our daily commutes to workout routines and more, the hectic modern human schedule can leave us a little parched. But sometimes, the bland, unflavored option of water feels more like an unwanted prescription than a welcomed necessity.

Liquid IV has been a helping hand in meeting our hydration needs for while, offering powdered on-the-go drink mixes to help our water work harder. Fueled by Cellular Transport Technology (CTT) for rapid absorption of water and other key ingredients, the brand has helped speed up filling up with their hydration multipliers in a tasty variety of flavors. The brand also has packs designed for other water-boosting qualities, including energy, sleep and immune health.

Now, on top of all that, Liquid IV is also tackling gut health with its latest release: Hydration Multiplier+ Powdered Probiotic Kombucha.

What's the science?

To make hydration and digestive support mobile, Liquid IV relies on a synergistic blend of 1 billion colony forming units (CFU) of the trademarked BC30 Probiotic as well as fermented tea vinegar powdered kombucha. Combining this gut-ready mix with the power of its CTT makes for a powder aimed at delivering delicious hydration, digestive and immune support in one fell swoop.

The BC30 Probiotic — formally known as Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086® — is intended to support digestive health and has great stability and survivability, being able to withstand the low pH levels of the stomach and digestive tract. The powdered tea vinegar kombucha used in the latest Liquid IV release is also a more sustainable option than liquid kombucha, boasting 42 percent less non-renewable energy, 7 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions, 18 percent less packaging land use and 29 percent less damage to the ecosystem. So, not only is this powder gut-approved, it's green-approved.

Where to buy Liquid IV's latest launch

Starting now, the all-new Hydration Multiplier+ Powdered Probiotic Kombucha is available online in one flavor: Tart Green Apple. At less than $25 for 14 packets, on par with the rest of the Liquid IV lineup, this could be a great, cost-effective way to enjoy kombucha and stay hydrated wherever your day takes you.


Hydration Multiplier+ Probiotic Kombucha

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