Rapha is dedicated to creating performance riding products to aid you through training and race days. Whether you have a jam-packed summer full of racing or you are just looking to spend more time in the saddle this summer, the Powerweave shorts from Rapha are essential. Available in both Men's and Women's, these shorts might just be what you need to hit a pr this summer.

Pro Team Powerweave Bib Shorts

Worn by elite athletes, the Pro Team range has been tried and tested. It is some of Rapha’s most technically advanced cycling clothing, created for the WorldTour to deliver performance and comfort for every part of a cyclist's journey.

man wearing rapha performance shorts
man adjusting the hem of his rapha performance shorts


Whether it's a race day or a grueling training ride, having gear that can perform can make all the difference. Rapha's Pro Team range is made with lightweight, technical fabrics for efficient sweat-wicking and breathability. The anatomical panel construction delivers a locked-in fit and each short is built around a tailor-made performance chamois pad. The result is high-quality gear that will make all the difference in the saddle.

man sitting with one arm propped on leg wearing rapha's powerweave shorts


Powerweave Bib Shorts are created from a woven fabric using industry-leading technology, which has allowed Rapha to precisely control every thread. The shorts are 20 percent lighter than the knit used in the Pro Team Bib Shorts while delivering the same breathability. The fabric has also made improvements in temperature regulation, assisted by a jacquard weave construction that helps moisture travel to the surface and away from the body. The lightweight and temperature regulating features allow you to go further comfortably in the shorts.


New gripper features integrated, elasticated yarns are woven into the fabric to provide a stable fit. No seams mean no distractions while you are covering ground on your bike.