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This Year in Gear: 33 Notable Fitness Products Released in 2017

With so many new products launching every week, it’s easy to lose track of everything that happens in a year. Here are 33 of the most notable fitness gear releases of 2017.


With a deluge of new products hitting store shelves and browser windows every day, it’s easy to lose track of everything that happens in a year. So, to jog our memories a bit as the year winds to a close, we combed through our Today in Gear archives and other news briefs to reflect back on all of the notable products we discovered in 2017. The result is a new series we’re calling This Year in Gear, and we hope you’ll enjoy reviewing this snapshot of the fitness industry’s work as much as we have. Think we missed something, or just want to sound off on any trends you noticed? Let us know by dropping a comment on Facebook, Twitter or email.

Tracksmith No Days Off Collection


An all-new winter wear collection from one of our favorite running gear brands, Tracksmith. (Or are they a style brand? Their stuff looks so damn good, sometimes it’s hard to tell.)

Learn More: Here

Hardgraft Gym Bag, Volume 2


A premium, Italian leather gym bag that demands to be treated right, not shoved carelessly into tight lockers or car trunks.

Buy Now: $715

Abbey Bike Tools Team Issue Titanium Bike Hammer


Perhaps the lightest and strongest bike hammer you’ll ever find. Good for garage workshops, but best for traveling tool kits.

Buy Now: $180

Lady White Co. Gym T-Shirt


Lady White Co’s website is stocked with a range of great basics including tees, henleys and sweatshirts. A standout piece is the Gym T-shirt, an athletic-inspired ringer tee with a tonal collar. The mid-weight shirt is made from American cotton produced on circular knitting machines and features flatlock stitching. In short, it’s a well-made shirt that will break-in with a bit of wear, and get better with every wash. — John Zientek

Buy Now: $70

State Bicycle Co. Core-Line Bikes


State Bicycle Co.’s Core-Line collection consists of 12 steel-frame fixed gear and single speed bikes, each with a simple, classic colorway. Every model is limited edition — when the last frame leaves their warehouse, the bike is retired for good, making each bike a one-of-a-kind creation.

Buy Now: $299

Aer Gym Duffel


Aer’s most robust gym bag, with a ventilated main compartment big enough for a few changes of clothes, towels and exercise equipment. A separate odor-resistant compartment holds a pair of shoes; a quick-stash pocket holds a phone, wallet and other everyday carry.

Buy Now: $165

District Vision Kaishiro Sunglasses


The all-new District Vision Kaishiro is the ultimate pair of running sunglasses.

Buy Now: $220

Kitsbow 5-Axis Drifter Jean


You’d never guess these are “cycling jeans” until you slip them on and go for a spin. They are meticulously designed for optimal performance: a unidirectional weave, a durable cotton/nylon/lycra blend, an interior gusset, high-articulation knee seams and more; yet they look like something you’d find in a premium menswear shop.

Buy Now: $185

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt GPS Bike Computer


Just about everything a stats-obsessed cyclist would ever need, in a small, aerodynamic package. It also pairs easily with peripheral sensors and electronic shifters. All your recorded data and riding profiles can be accessed using a companion app.

Buy Now: $250

SAXX Kinetic Boxer Brief


For anything more intense than a brisk walk, ordinary boxer briefs simply won’t do. And neither will ordinary compression shorts. Serious athletes require something more like SAXX’s Kinetic Boxer Brief — a high-performance compression brief with the utmost support, breathability and all-day comfort. Constructed of nine muscle-hugging panels, the Kinetic Boxer Brief is anti-microbial (to prevent odor) and anti-chafe (with seams that are raised on the outside only), and it features a patented hammock-shaped, mesh-lined pouch for “keeping everything in place.”

Buy Now: $37

Garmin Forerunner 935 Sport Watch


Garmin’s “most serious sport watch yet,” according to The Verge. That appears to be true — along with all of Garmin’s previously-offered tracking features (GPS, heart rate, altimeter, barometer, cycling, swimming, hiking, running and more), the watch has two new features: training load, which compares users’ training data to last week’s; and training status, which shows a short-term view of overall daily performance.

Buy Now: $499

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR


Not long ago, we dubbed the Suunto Spartan Ultra one of the 100 best products of 2016. At the time, it was the most advanced sport watch Suunto had ever designed; now a new watch, the Spartan Sport Wrist HR, has taken the throne. Most notably, it introduces highly accurate wrist-based heart rate monitoring (no more clunky, chafe-y chest straps); additionally, it’s bursting with tracking features for over 80 sports, in both racing and interval training modes. Also, GPS tracking. And waterproofing up to 300 feet. And training progress at a glance. And extended battery life. And on and on and on. It’s the full package, for every flavor of passionate athlete.

Buy Now: $387

Giro 100 Book


The annual Giro D’Italia like you’ve never seen it before. Herbie Sykes met with one hundred race affiliates — from participants and their wives to journalists and officials — and the photography comes directly from their personal effects, portraying the agony and the ecstasy in all its glory, rather than from some photographer’s ideal.
Dan Whalen, Editorial Intern

Buy Now: $35

Oliver’s All Over Short With Liner


You asked; they answered. The beloved Olivers All Over Short is back — with a light, moisture-wicking liner that won’t limit your movement. They’re soft, breathable, and available in three dark, subtle colorways: Stealth, Graphite and Cobalt. – Caitlyn Girardi, Social Media Coordinator

Buy Now: $88

Zipp 302 Carbon Clincher Bike Wheel


Among diehard cyclists, Zipp’s 302 has long been considered one of the best hybrid carbon wheels on the market. The latest and greatest iteration of Zipp’s hybrid line is the 302 Carbon Clincher, an all-around performer (low-drag 45mm rim depth, 76/176 hubs, Belgian CX-Sprint spokes) that’s handmade in Indianapolis.

Buy Now: $655

Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer


Thule’s strollers chariots for tiny royalty are literally strong enough to circumnavigate the Earth. (Just ask Tom Turcich.) The Chariot Cross does it all: walk, jog, sprint, bike — even ski. Transitioning from one activity to the next is as easy as extending an aluminum arm and slapping on some attachments. So, buckle the fuck up, kiddies! And blast that dubstep playlist! Daddy’s ’bout to shred some gnar!

Buy Now: $899

Smith Overtake Cycle Helmet


When it comes to cycling helmets, you shouldn’t have to decide between lightweight and protection. And you don’t have to. Beneath the outer shell of the Overtake is a layer of thermally welded, copolymer extruded tubes engineered according to precise durometer, size and thickness specs. It’s called Koroyd, and it’s the material fortifying Smith’s AEROCORE construction, which is highly impact resistant — in a crash, the cores compress in a controlled manner, decelerating energy and reducing trauma — but also light and ventilating. Along with MIPS, it’s what makes the Overtake the ultimate racing helmet.

Buy Now: $280

Skull & Sweep Mens Regatta Training Jacket


It takes dedication to set the alarm for a 4 a.m. wakeup in order to head down to the boathouse and launch a shell into icy water for a quick workout. Scull & Sweep want to take some of the edge off. Its form-fitting Regatta Training Jacket is wind- and water-resistant and features details designed specifically for rowers, like longer cut sleeves with elastic cuffs, flat-lock seams, a wind collar and minimal backset pockets. Details are important at the crack of dawn.

Buy Now: $120

Lululemon Commission Short


The Commission Shorts were designed for those unpredictable weekend moments: an unforeseen swim in a river, a spur-of-the-moment casual dinner. The Commission Shorts are equipped for both. They’re swim-ready with water-repellent fabric and draining pockets, but with a clean profile and a secure zip pocket, they’re also reliable enough for occasions where a bathing suit just won’t cut it.

Buy Now: $88

Moots Highline Urban Commuter


The gap between style and utility is often a difficult space to traverse. For the consumer it presents a classic no-win pros and cons choice to navigate, and that’s especially true for urban bike commuters when choosing a new bike. But Moot proves that that’s not always the case with the Highline, a purpose-built titanium commuter bike that combines subtle urban styling with specs that’ll keep performance nerds satiated. – Tanner Bowden, Editorial Apprentice

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves


Hayabusa’s newest boxing gloves need no breaking in, feature a patented wrist-protection system and a low profile for a less bulky feel.

Buy Now: $100

District Vision Yukari Windshield Sunglasses


The Yukari Windshield is District Vision’s widest frame yet, featuring a 59mm lens designed to boost peripheral vision and protection from the elements, as well as a rounded top for extending your vertical field of view. Choose between a black or smoke gray frame, and four lens colors: G15 (black), Sport Yellow, Black Rose and Water Gray, each of which have their own unique performance benefits.

Buy Now: $199+

Priority Bicycles Continuum Onyx Edition


After the original silver Continuum sold out, Priority is now offering an Onyx edition. But the colorway isn’t the only thing that’s different: a front dynamo hub and reflective tires illuminate night rides without the need for batteries or recharging, while a rear USB-rechargeable light provides additional visibility. The components are top-notch, too, and since Priority employs a direct-to-consumer model, the Continuum is significantly cheaper than similar commuter bikes.

Buy Now: $999

Hummingbird Bike Company Ultra-Light Folding Bike


After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, the “world’s lightest folding bike” is finally going into production. It weighs just 15 pounds.

Buy Now: ~$4,500

Giro Empire E70 Knit Cycling Shoe


The first cycling shoe with an engineered knit upper. Sold out for now, but hopefully not for long.

Buy Now: $200

Knog PWR Bike Lights


Based in Australia, Knog is a brand known for creating design-forward bicycle accessories. Its latest release, PWR, is a series of modular bike lights that double as power banks. Customize your light output with four bulb heads that range from 450 to 1,850 lumens and can be secured to your bike or body with three different mounts. The system is built to be expanded upon, so look out for upgrades — think lanterns and Bluetooth speakers — on a rolling basis. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $45

Rapha Brevet Flyweight Wind Jacket


Cycling brand Rapha is known for calculated understatement, not hyperbole. So when it releases a product that can be described with any word ending in “-est,” it’s worth taking note. Rapha’s latest external layer, the Brevet Flyweight Wind Jacket, is its lightest and most packable yet. The Brevet weighs only 2.61 ounces (in size medium), which is lighter than a deck of cards. It packs down to be about the same size, too, which means it’ll easily go unnoticed in any pocket. In fact, the only thing “big” about the Brevet is the stylish twin stripes circumnavigating the jacket’s chest. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $175

174HUDSON Convertible Pannier Backpack


Ditching a car in favor of a bicycle is a decision meant to simplify commuting, but riding to work isn’t without its complications. 174HUDSON, an offshoot of Priority Bicycles, is dedicated to solving those issues by creating a line of thoughtful accessories. Its inaugural product, the Convertible Pannier Backpack, is fully weatherproof, despite its soft look and handfeel, and has two methods of carry: backpack straps for time spent off-bike tuck into a zippered pocket that, when opened, reveals mounting hardware that enables the bag to be used as a pannier when riding. (In other words, say goodbye to sweaty backs.) — Tanner Bowden

Preorder Now: $80

Tracksmith Fynnsen Crewneck


Tracksmith designs its premium running apparel with more than just a hint of nostalgia for the days when running was a sport for pros and university students alone. Its latest product is a take on the classic crewneck sweatshirt. The Fynnsen is made with a blend of moisture-wicking merino wool and synthetic fibers instead of the traditional cotton, so you can actually exercise in it. Tracksmith has also added subtle style cues, which sensibly redefine the boundaries of what it means to be plain. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $138

Trek Verve+ E-bike


Like it or not, e-bikes are redefining how we commute, especially in urban areas where bicycles are simply more efficient than cars and public transport. Trek isn’t new to the e-bike game, and its latest commuter model, the Verve+, is an affordable addition to well-known cycling brand’s current line. The bike is constructed with a pedal-assist system by Bosch that can get riders going up to 20 miles per hour and has commuter-friendly additions including fenders and integrated lights that turn on automatically. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $2,300

Rapha Pro Team Arenberg Glasses


When it comes to cycling, the widely accepted ideology is that lighter is better, period. Rapha has always championed this viewpoint, but when its riders returned with feedback saying that the 0.9-ounce Pro Team Flyweight Glasses were in fact too light, it beefed things up a bit. The new Arenberg Glasses feature the same, gorgeously retro lens shape as the Flyweights and are dirt, oil and UV resistant, but they’re constructed with a low-profile frame to make things just a tad heavier — eight grams, or about a quarter ounce, to be exact. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $220

Topo Athletic Magnifly 2 Running Shoe


All activities are subject to trends and running is by no means immune. Two of the sport’s most popular movements — low-drop and maximalism — are mashed together in Topo Athletic’s latest road running shoe. The Magnifly 2 features the wide toe box that has become Topo’s hallmark as well as a zero-drop stack height for more natural running, but it also comes with 25mm of cushioning for runners that want to nullify some of the impact. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $110

District Vision Sindo Performance Socks


District Vision, one of our favorite performance eyewear brands, launched its first soft good — socks. Dubbed the Sindo, DV’s socks are a collaboration with Falke, the German brand known for its innovations in performance socks. The Sindo socks are constructed from Lyocell fabric and come in three colors: black, green and blue. — AJ Powell

Buy Now: $28

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