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3 Running Kits to Help You Fight Through Winter’s Frigid Temps

The gear you need to keep your cardio routine outside this winter.

Chase Pellerin

As fall loses its charm to winter’s frigid bluster, it’s easy to stay inside and hibernate rather than continuing your running routine. Nobody loves freezing, after all, and overlayering can be just as bad. But, with the right combination of technical clothing, there’s no need to fear the chill.

Tights, joggers, sweatshirts and windbreakers are your best friend when it’s cold enough for your breath to hang in the air. We’ve narrowed your choices down by selecting kits from three smaller brands dedicated to running, each aimed at what to wear at a specific temperature range. In short, you’ve got no excuse to couch surf.

30 Degrees


When the temperature hangs around freezing, you never know whether Mother Nature will send rain, sleet or snow your way. But that’s okay — Vancouver-based RYU wants their clothes to take a beating, even though they haven’t skimped on comfort and style. Their long-sleeve Tec Tee is constructed with a durable fabric, tailored fit and flatlock seams that reduce chafing. The Everywear Hoodie gives you that extra layer of warmth for the cooler weather and has mesh pockets that can be unzipped for use as vents as you heat up. For your lower body RYU’s Hardwear Compression Tight covers your legs and the Teclayr Everything Short adds to core warmth. Ditch the tights entirely if you’re someone who heats up quickly. As for the feet, we’ve chosen Darn Tough’s 1/4 Sock Light Cushion, which is so durable the company guarantees it for life.

Long Sleeve Tec Tee by RYU $67
Everywear Hoodie by RYU $163
Hardwear Compression Tight by RYU $115
Teclayr Everything Short by RYU $55
1/4 Sock Light Cushion by Darn Tough $17

The Teens


Janji’s line of running apparel is born in Boston and tested in harsh climates around the world. It can put up with the heat and cut through the cold, which makes it great anywhere with four seasons. Add in the fact that 10 percent of Janji’s sales go directly toward supporting clean water projects in places such as Peru and Kenya, and you can feel even better about upgrading your winter running setup with any of their products. Pair the Ranger Henley as a base layer with the aptly named Viento Windbreaker to guard against the rising winds that often accompany dipping temperatures. A second bottom layer, in addition to the Taji Tights is another way to add warmth in adverse conditions; the Zag Track Pants work well to that effect. Top it all off with the Ethiopia Beanie to minimize exposure and contain body heat, and take care of the toes with Smartwool’s PhD Run Light Elite Mini, a sock that’s almost seamless, and cushioned where runners need it.

Ranger Henley by Janji $68
Viento Windbreaker by Janji $96
Taji Tights by Janji $74
Zag Track Pants by Janji $78
Ethiopia Beanie by Janji $28
PhD Run Light Elite Mini by Smartwool $18

Close to Zero


Single-digit temperatures might seem like territory for die-hards only, but fear not. Copenhagen-based brand Saysky makes clothing that meets the technical demands of the 55th parallel at a reasonable price. We’re combining the wicking LS Guerilla Tee with the warmth of the Merino Tech Running Hood. In addition to warmth, merino is breathable and naturally antimicrobial, meaning it won’t stink like polyester after a workout. The Illuminate Vest provides protection from wind and rain and makes you visible thanks to a reflective print. The Siberia Winter Tights provide a wicking base layer for your lower half, paired with the Merino Tech Running Pant for maximum warmth. Finally, in order to cover extremities, the Wolfpack Merino Headband/Scarf can be used to cover your head and ears or pulled down over your face and nose, while Smartwool’s PhD Hyfi Training Gloves take care of your hands and the Performance Trail Quarter socks by Fits — specifically designed for cold weather — cover the feet.

Guerilla LS Tee by Saysky $69
Merino Tech Running Hood by Saysky $231
Illuminate Vest by Saysky $185
Siberia Winter Tights II by Saysky $123
Merino Tech Running Pant by Saysky $154
Wolfpack Merino Headband/Scarf by Saysky $39
PhD Hyfi Training Gloves by Smartwool $45
Performance Trail Quarter by Fits $19

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